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Suppositories and Injectable Medicines

Some men with erectile dysfunction use injectable medicines like alprostadil which is injected into a penis. This makes blood fill the penis thereby making it ready for sex. The response can be improved by taking oral medicines to enhance sexual stimulation response. However, oral medicines do not trigger an erection automatically like the injectable medicines.

Inserting suppositories is another option. These are solid medicine pieces that are inserted into the body where they dissolve. Healthcare professionals prescribe prefilled applicators and the pellet is inserted about one inch into the urethra. Erection starts after about 8 seconds and it can last up to 60 minutes.

There are alternative medicines for erectile dysfunction. However, bear in mind the fact that not every natural supplement or medicine is safe. Combining alternative and prescribed medicines can also escalate the problem or cause other health issues. Therefore, talk to your doctor before you use anything to treat erectile dysfunction.

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