Why Do Doctors Say No To Bottle Feeding Babies?

Why do doctors say no to bottle feeding babies? There are several very valid reasons as to why the majority of doctors will not allow bottle feeding. First and foremost, infants who are fed with formula have a far greater risk of being allergic to certain elements in the formula. They also have a greater […]


How to Find the Sexiest Escort Girl From Basel?

When one thinks of Switzerland and the word escorts, one immediately associates the country with love and romance. The Swiss people are highly cultured, sophisticated and artistic; this is why the Swiss Girl is considered to be one of the sexiest Escort Girls in the World. However, most guys do not have the time or […]

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Common Lies that Women Tell Men

Partners in a relationship lie for different reasons. Although they may not admit it, there are common lies that women tell men all the time. That’s because they want to protect themselves or spare the feelings of their partners. But, all lies whether serious deceits or little untruths are potentially detrimental to any relationship. Here […]