Common Lies that Women Tell Men

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Partners in a relationship lie for different reasons. Although they may not admit it, there are common lies that women tell men all the time. That’s because they want to protect themselves or spare the feelings of their partners. But, all lies whether serious deceits or little untruths are potentially detrimental to any relationship.

Here are the most common lies that women tell men:

Number of Men She Has Slept with

Unless you marry immediately after college, both of you will have had relationships with other partners. And you will know that this is true when getting into a relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not cringe at their number. That’s why women lie about it. Nevertheless, both partners should accept one another the way they are. If you base your judgment on their number, you should probably move on.

It’s Not Your Fault

You hear this all the time. Well, don’t agree what she says especially if you know you messed up. Instead, focus on making things right because she is saying that just to please you.

 I’m Fine

Women always say they are fine when they are not. However, men don’t consider this as a crime that can be punished. But it’s still a lie. Although it is acceptable in a platonic relationship like with your co-worker, it is a white lie for partners in a romantic relationship. That’s because when a woman lies that she is fine when she has something that’s weighing her down, she can eventually feel resentful and isolated.

You Are the Best Ever!

This is a lie that women tell men all the time just to please them. Maybe you are the man that your woman was meant to spend the rest of her life with. However, this doesn’t mean you are the best man that she has ever had. Nevertheless, saying the truth in such a situation won’t always make things better. That’s why a woman tells this lie.

I Wasn’t that Much into My Ex

Although she may no longer have feelings for her ex, a woman can only devote her time to a man if she has feelings for him. That’s why saying that she was not that much into her ex is a lie. Basically, women tell this lie to ensure that they don’t seem like they were endlessly looking for a partner. A woman can also lie about this to protect the feelings of her partner.

I Will Be Ready in a Minute

This is the most common lie that women tell men. And, you naturally must be told this lie when in a relationship with a woman. Usually, one or two minutes mean a whole 20 minutes or even more to women. That’s because when it comes to getting ready, women have more things to do. Applying makeup and trying different outfits for instance push their two minutes to half an hour.

Basically, there are cases when circumstances force women to lie. Therefore, expect some of these common lies that women tell men when getting into a relationship.   

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